What’s the Difference Between Concrete and Paver Patios?

A backyard patio is one of the most popular landscaping features. Our customers adore them because they provide ample area for spending time outdoors with family and friends. A patio serves as the basis for many additional landscaping enhancements, such as a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, or swimming pool, which all require a beautiful ground floor to be constructed upon.


We are frequently asked whether the type of patio is ideal to start with and whether the patio you choose will affect any future backyard upgrades you may wish to make. While many people are familiar with concrete patios, paver patios are far less common. What is the distinction?

Patios of Concrete:

You’ve certainly seen a few concrete patios or driveways used for basketball courts, outdoor gatherings, or simply spending time with friends outside. Concrete patios have the advantages of being less expensive to construct, simple to install, and generally easy to maintain in good condition over time.

But, what about the disadvantages? Concrete patios have a limited visual appeal; you can’t make many stunning designs with them. Furthermore, if they do crack or require repair, the procedure can be costly, time-consuming, and difficult. Finally, concrete patios contribute to the concrete jungle/heat island effect, in which the concrete reflects sunlight and warms the air around it.


We attempt to understand each customer’s circumstance at Washington Concrete Contractors so that we can provide them with the most tailored service possible. However, we rarely advocate concrete patios for the reasons stated above!

Patios constructed with pavers:

In contrast to a Concrete Patio, a Paver Patio consists of stone, brick, or sometimes concrete blocks that are neatly aligned to produce a smooth and polished walking surface.

Pavers have a few key advantages over plain concrete: they’re more durable, can be customized with specific materials and colors, and are very simple to repair. The one significant disadvantage of a paver patio is that installing it requires substantially more time, skill, and attention to detail. As a result, you should only use a landscaping company you can trust to design a paver patio.

When compared to concrete patios, paver patios are more attractive, durable, and cost-effective over time. While traditional landscaping may undervalue paver patios, we at Washington Concrete Contractors know that luxury landscaping can only begin with a sleek paver patio design. If you’re interested in having your own paver patio built by Washington Concrete Contractors, Contact us at: (202) 559-8998.

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